Once you have completed your training and obtained  your VVIP certifications be ready to promote yourself like crazy. Before you start sending out your resume, check and re-check your resume and cover letter. Everything you do from here on out should be perfect. Competition is fierce, but with the right training, drive and dedication anyone can soar!

Check out Air Charter Guide for a list of Charter Operators in your area. You will want to send your resume via email, snail mail and whenever possible, hand deliver it. Be sure you are sending your resume to the proper person in charge. Oftern times this is the Chief Pilot, Chief Cabin Attendant, Director of Operations or HR Department. Call ahead to confirm you are sending your resume to the proper person. Continue to follow up with them until they hire you or tell you to stop.

When you finally land your first flight, prepare, prepare, PREPARE. Get to planning and preparing for your flight right away. Things change be prepared for change and aim for perfectionin everthing you do. To make a good impression plan on being flawless in your appearance, performance and professionalism. You will not get a second chance to make a first impression. This is where the proper training comes into play and becomes invaluable.

ENJOY! You will love your new career. There is nothing like it on earth. You will travel the world in luxury, meet amazing people along the way and create memories that you will share with your grandchildren around the dinner table. Stories that will leave you and them in awe because you will have experienced what so few people will ever have an opportunity to even dream about.