VVIP’s Executive Director and Lead Flight Attendant Lauren Pires, exemplifies the meaning of excellence; from the nearest landing strip of your convenience, to the farthest destination on the globe, VVIP International is there. With 27 combined years, Lauren and her team hope to bring a much needed refresh to crucial facets of the aviation industry. Whether it's the incomplete training program or the antiquated manuals that the Industry has grown accustomed to, VVIP International continues to raise the bar in this multi-billion dollar industry one flight attendant at a time.


Our Team

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CEO | President

Determined, hard-working, and bold are all ways to describe VVIP’s CEO, Lauren “Elle” Pires. Over the last few years, Lauren has made a prestigious name for herself as a well recognized globe trotter, designer, entrepreneur, and NBAA member. A college graduate with a passion for aviation, she has dedicated herself to becoming the most in demand corporate flight attendant in the Industry. Lauren has worked on some of the world’s most elite private aircrafts, both domestic and international, including concept interior design renovations for aircraft fleet. Lauren is a habitual student who prides herself in the continuous learning process of understanding clients and anticipating the future direction of the Industry. She is highly trained and encourages her students to immerse themselves in knowledge of the Industry as driving force for success.

Lauren founded VVIP International, in the idea that providing people with the skills to live the life they only read about in magazines. The training program she has personally crafted, is not only thorough, but it empowers her students with the self confidence they need to take to the skies and succeed. Lauren’s passions reach beyond the classroom, she is highly supportive of philanthropic efforts in the Miami area and supports several organizations designed to help women. Lauren is regularly booked for speaking engagements and panel discussions in South Florida to discuss her strategy for success and the foundations of building a brand.



Iris has an exemplary work history that spans from sailing on 70-foot yachts through Indonesia and the Seven Seas to her present locale in Germany.  Iris herself comes from Germany, where she currently works for one of the world’s largest airlines.  Her experience working as a concierge at 5-star hotels in both Germany and Australia has provided Iris with an extensive background in the field of hospitality. Iris has worked as an FA for several years in various locations throughout the globe.  Iris is an expert in international methods as well as cultural training. She has previously served as lead flight for Middle Eastern royal family and diplomats. Iris has also worked in Japan, and has traveled to over a 120 countries in her illustrious career as a flight attendant. Iris’s impressive background also includes five and half years at Vista Jet, one of the leading private aviation companies in the world. Iris’s experience is a priceless addition to the VVIP International Executive Team.



Lynne has proven it’s never too late to follow your dreams. Before joining VVIP International, Lynne had a background in real estate, finance, and educational services, having previously worked for top Fortune 500 companies. She has been recognized for her exceptional problem solving, organizational; leadership and communication skills. Lynne is a team player and can handle multiple priorities while working in a fast-paced environment. Lynne currently serves as VVIP International Operations Manager and Head of Human Resources. She is also a VVIP International trained corporate flight attendant with flying experience.