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Creating A New Industry Standard:

VVIP International™ is the only domestic and international in-flight 6-day Corporate Flight Attendant Training curriculum, that provides its students with on-jet training and FAA approved manuals and certification. VVIP International™ Executive Directors and the VVIP Team build solid relationships with their vast network of esteemed colleagues and clients, which allows instant implementation of VVIP’s culture, hospitality, and prevention based programs, curated for those seeking a career in the private and corporate sectors of aviation

When standard just isn’t enough

VVIP International™ Brings Quality To The Skies

Our crew knows what it takes to be at the top of the Aviation and InFlight Services Industry!




VVIP believes that students are our biggest asset. Our team has over 27 accumulative years in aviation and inflight service.


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Current and future crew members receive quality training that continues throughout their career. Learn what else we offer!


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Looking for a VVIP experience? By requesting one of our VVIP International™ crew, you get just that.




VVIP International™ Program:

A one of a kind, in-flight services curriculum, that focuses on producing the highest standard of corporate and private flight attendants in the Industry.

We raised the bar by cutting the time it takes to become a corporate flight attendant and receive your domestic and and international certification by almost 75%, using our expedited process.

Our programs are aimed at getting motivated students trained by the best. We utilize domestic and international instructors and take our classrooms into the sky onboard private aircrafts. Once certified, VVIP International™ offers placement opportunities through our Agency Services to get you up in the air.

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VVIP International™ Collection: A Comfortable Collection For Everyone